Our company specialises in providing a comprehensive service for professional athletes

including financial consulting, marketing, but also experiences.

A matter of course for us is the individual approach to each client, which is simply the best path to success. Thanks to this, we have developed above-standard relationships with the clients and their relatives, which we mutually make an effort to deepen.

Our Priorities

  • In the case of the young players, we take care not only of the sports aspect,

    but also place emphasis on education, facilities, mental well-being and other factors, which are necessary when pursuing a professional career.

  • The successfulness of our ideas and work

    is corroborated by the large number and prestigious portfolio of athletes, which continues to rise.

  • The level of professionalism of our company

    is also corroborated by the fact that when working with the individual athletes, we are engaged in independent scouting, which means that we monitor and evaluate the players ourselves using the accessible modern technologies.